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Common questions on the Soelov:

How does it work -  The Soelov was designed  and built with materials that allow the suns UV rays to easily enter the oven. It works  without cumbersome  multiple reflectors. It was designed to use the sun's UV light to focus on the cookware thus heating the food within it. It is not designed to heat the air within the oven walls.

How does it work with a battery - The Soelov uses a patent pending battery assist system that heats up an aluminum alloy tray that sits at the inside bottom of the oven. This tray in turn heats the cookware and the food within it. Use it to assist in solar cooking or simply on its own.

Does it need the battery to cook -  As a solar only oven, no it does not.

The battery can assist in solar cooking to speed up the cook time. Or with no sun at all, the battery assist will cook on its own. 

How long does the battery last - Its not a simple answer. Because the Soelov 250 uses 3 separate and independent heaters the times vary considerably. Add to the mix the option of connecting the solar panel charger or the home plugin charger while cooking, the times are very broad. Anywhere from 1 hr to 6 plus hours

Is is safe - The Soelov  is one of the safest methods of cooking available. No poisonous co2 emissions. No open flame. No hot coals. No dangerous lighter fluid.  No compressed gas cylinders to store. Even the outside of the oven stays safe to the touch

Is it portable- The Soelov  ovens come in 2 sizes. The Soelov 250 and the Soelov 100.  The later weighs only  5 lbs.  It's designed with stay cool handles , is well balanced and is easily transported in the trunk of even smaller cars. The Soelov 100 is one of the lightest, most compact ovens on the market

How fast does it cook -  One of the many advantages of the Soelov  is its  hybrid design. If it's sunny outside you can use it as a slow cooker, or add  the electric assist and speed up the times considerably. The type of food, the size of the pot , the thickness of the meat all impact the cooking times. In a simple comparison , if used with good sun and the electric assist, it will absolutely surprise you with it's speed.  Keep in mind that the speed at which it cooks was never  a design priority. The design was always to provide options to be able to cook anytime , anywhere. With or without sun.

How does the auxlliary cable work - With the optional 12volt outlet aux cable, you can operate the Soelov 100 directly from any car, truck,  or suv. You can also use the cable to charge the included AGM batery*

* follow instructions to keep your vehicles battery charged.

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