Advanced Energy Systems L.L.C.

For the ultimate in light weight, portability and function !!!

The SOELOV 100

Now even more options !

Plug your Soelov 100 into

Your vehicle & cook a meal !

Compact / Reliable / Durable

USDA & FDA materials

Corrosion resistant

Easy and fun to use

This 6 ' long auxiliary cord allows total mobility & plugs directly into your 12 volt outlet.

The same Hybrid design as the patent pending  Soelov 250

Ultra light weight - less than 5 lbs

Choose :Solar , Electric or Combination cooking

Over 1 1/2 hrs of cook time on a full charge with the included AGM battery. Even longer cook times with optional upgraded battery. NO BATTERY NEEDED for pure solar cooking.  Completely folds up for easy carry.

AES Products

Cook day or night

Indoors or outdoors

Camping / Backpacking

Boating / Beach going

The answer for emergency preperation