No dangerous C02 emissions.

No charcoal ash to discard

No empty propane cylinders

Choose the solar only option
Choose the electric only option
Choose to combine both options

Designed and built in USA. 
Each oven is assembled by hand
Each oven is electrically tested before packaging

​​Proudly made in the USA

Eco Friendly

Sustainable Energy Source

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USA Made

Makers of the Soelov

The Future of Solar Cooking is Now

Follow our newest team member Amy on our YouTube channel. She will be showing you the Soelov ovens cool features and delicious cooking videos !

Advanced Energy Systems has designed and built a hybrid solar cooker that meets the needs for todays lifestyles. Have a cooked meal anytime, anywhere. Imagine having the ability to cook a hot meal at the worst of times and the best of times. If emergency preparedness is your goal, then stop and look no further. If camping, boating, tailgating, beach going, or just plain good ole  fashioned cooking out is your thing, then stop and look no further. If going green is your goal, then stop and look no further. We've got you covered !


Don't wait til it's too late ! Have a Soelov hybrid oven  at the ready wherever you may be . Disaster can strike anytime anywhere.

Advanced Energy Systems L.L.C.